Improve Your Sight-Reading
at the Piano

Is sight-reading one of your weaknesses? Do you wish you knew how to improve your sight-reading? Not sure where to start?


If this is you, you have come to the right place. Piano Sight Reading is here to help you become a better sight-reader so that you can learn pieces faster and build a broader repertoire.


Don’t know what sight-reading is? Check out this article: What Is Sight-Reading?

Emmanuelle Fonsny creator of Piano Sight Reading

Hi! I’m Emmanuelle Fonsny, or Manu, the creator of Piano Sight Reading. I’m a piano and violin teacher, composer and accompanist based in Sydney, Australia. Read more…

Why I decided to create Piano Sight Reading

I believe that sight-reading is a skill that can truly open doors and bring real joy. That is why I created this website: so that you too can have the tools and the confidence to explore the vast amount of piano music available to us.


There’s nothing like discovering new soundscapes by obscure composers or unknown pieces by famous composers. There’s so much music out there yet to be discovered! I really hope you’ll join me on this journey.


As sight-reading at the piano is particularly challenging, I’ve created this website specifically for pianists like you.


I provide tips and resources so that you know how to practice, for how long, with what material and at what level


If you have any questions, feel free to email me here. Or if you’d like to stay updated with all the latest posts and resources, subscribe to the newsletter today.

Want even more support?

Then why not join the Sight-Reading Club


It’s an online space for piano players from around the world all striving towards improving their sight-reading with:

  • Tailored drills, warm-up exercises and sight-reading excerpts
  • Regular concerts to give you something to work towards
  • Regular challenges to develop the skills required to become a great sight-reader
  • And much more!


To learn more, click here

Click the icon for...

Sight-Reading Basics

Start here if you're new to sight-reading and want to learn the basics.

Sight-Reading Tips

Learn tips and techniques specific to sight-reading to help you improve.

Reflections on Sight-Reading

Read stories, anecdotes and observations on the art of sight-reading.

Sight-Reading Resources

Get advice on how to find and choose sight-reading resources.

Piano Practice Tips

Click here for tips on piano practice including tips on motivation, goal setting and efficiency.

Not sure where to start?

Then why not take this short quiz? You’ll find out what your sight-reading level is and more importantly, what you can do about it! (No piano required.) You can even share the results with your friends.

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