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Are you new to sight-reading? Then you’ve come to the right place. This category covers everything to help you get started with sight-reading. You’ll find answers to:

and more.

sight-reading involves sight

How to Become a Sight-Reading Expert

How do you get better at sight-reading? What is the secret to becoming a sight-reading expert? Is it just a matter of practising sight-reading daily? Read on to find out what sets the experts apart and how YOU too, can… Continue Reading…

Save time by sight-reading music

Why Is Sight-Reading Important?

You may ask yourself: Why is sight-reading important? Can’t I just learn pieces by ear or learn bit by bit, one hand at a time? Well, yes, you could. But as you’ll see, sight-reading could save yourself a LOT of… Continue Reading…

it is possible to sight-read

What Is Sight-Reading?

What is sight-reading? Is it a skill we are born with or can we acquire it? And what does it take to become good at sight-reading? Read on to find out.   Sight-reading, also called a prima vista (Italian meaning… Continue Reading…

Emmanuelle Fonsny

Emmanuelle Fonsny

Emmanuelle Fonsny, or Manu, is a piano and violin teacher, composer and accompanist based in Sydney, Australia. She is passionate about sharing her love of music and her sight-reading and practice tips to help other pianists become more confident sight-readers. She is new to blogging but is keen to learn this new artform!




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