Category: Improve Your Sight-Reading

Do you want to improve your sight-reading but don’t know how? Are you looking for techniques or exercises specific to sight-reading? Then this is where to look. This category gives you tips and advice to help you improve your sight-reading.

piano piece with four flats

How to Sight-Read in Any Key: Part I

How do you get better at sight-reading pieces with many sharps or flats in the key signature? Is there a trick to remembering the key signatures? Read this three-part article to find out how to master all the keys so… Continue Reading…

Emmanuelle Fonsny

Emmanuelle Fonsny

Emmanuelle Fonsny, or Manu, is a piano and violin teacher, composer and accompanist based in Sydney, Australia. She is passionate about sharing her love of music and her sight-reading and practice tips to help other pianists become more confident sight-readers. She is new to blogging but is keen to learn this new artform!




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