Free Piano Sheet Music (Searchable)

Free piano sheet music which you can search by sight-reading difficulty, number of sharps or flats, composer, title or style.


free piano sheet music which is searchable


Here is where you’ll find a large selection of free piano sheet music (taken from IMSLP) in the “harder” keys, that is, with four or more sharps or flats which you can easily search by:

  • sight-reading difficulty;
  • number of sharps or flats;
  • composer;
  • title; or
  • style.

You’ll discover pieces by the well-known and lesser-known composers from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Early 20th Century and Modern periods.


N.B. The tabs of the tables below should be clickable (with little arrows). If they aren’t, try viewing this page in a different web browser.


Pieces with four or more sharps

ComposerTitleNumber of SharpsSight-Reading DifficultyStyle
TinyakovValse Mélancolique Op.24MediumEarly 20th Century
AshtonConcertstücke Op.137 No.24HardRomantic
GrondahlÉtude de Concert Op.47 No.34MediumRomantic
De Castillon6 Valses Humoristiques No.1 and 34MediumRomantic
Lejeal3 Morceaux No.14EasyRomantic
Henderson-SellersTwo Minute Waltz4EasyModern
BarjanskySonate Op.11 No.2 Movement 24MediumRomantic
BeerMazurka Brillante No.24MediumRomantic
BeethovenPiano Sonata Op.27 No.2 Movements 1 and 34MediumClassical
BeethovenPiano Sonata Op.109 Movements 1 and 34Very HardClassical
BeethovenSonata Op.14 No.1 Movements 1 and 3
BergKlavierstück4HardEarly 20th Century
BlumenfeldDeux Fragments Lyriques Op.474HardRomantic
BrandeisHumpty Funeral Op.704MediumRomantic
BriceSonata No.1 Movements 1 and 34HardRomantic
ChaminadeTristesse Op.1044HardRomantic
Mayer6 Études Mélodiques Op.149 No.54HardRomantic
NichelmannAllegro (1757)4MediumClassical
ChopinNocturne in C-sharp minor4MediumRomantic
ChopinNocturne Op.62 No.24HardRomantic
ChopinNocturne Oubliée4HardRomantic
ChopinPolonaise Op.26 No.14Very HardRomantic
ChopinPrelude Op.28 No.94MediumRomantic
ChopinPrelude Op.28 No.104MediumRomantic
FabrizioValse Op.44MediumModern
PonomareffSteps in the Darkness4EasyModern
Nazareth9 de Julho4MediumEarly 20th Century
Pessard2 Romances Op.10 No.24MediumRomantic
SoutoAmor Meu Grande Amor4MediumEarly 20th Century
De BeaufranchetAthènes Intro and Coda4MediumRomantic
LisztFeuille_d'Album S164 No.14MediumRomantic
Mendelssohn3 Fantaisies or Caprices Op.16 No.34MediumRomantic
SchubertAdagio in E Major D6124HardRomantic
SchubertMenuetto D6004MediumRomantic
SchubertPiano Sonata D6554MediumRomantic
SchubertPiano Sonata D1544MediumRomantic
SchubertSonata D157 Movement 14MediumRomantic
SchubertSonata Op.147 Movement 24MediumRomantic
Zintl12 Variations in E Major4MediumEarly 20th Century
ZintlHommage à Chopin4HardEarly 20th Century
ZureichAlbumblatt Op.54HardRomantic
DavidFantasca Op.494MediumRomantic
FauréPièces Brèves Op.84 No.54MediumRomantic
Grothe3 Piano Pieces No.34MediumRomantic
HandelAir HWV4254EasyBaroque
TrehdeAir du Louis XIII Op.2624HardRomantic
GottschalkSouvenir de Cuba4MediumRomantic
De BlanckSérénade Op.44HardRomantic
Duvernoy2 Mélodies Op.80 No.14HardRomantic
FévrierMorceau de Lecture à Première Vue4MediumRomantic
GhysAir Provençal4HardRomantic
RohbockThe Ada Polka4MediumRomantic
Villa-LobosA Lenda do Caboclo4HardEarly 20th Century
Villa-LobosOndulando4HardEarly 20th Century
Henderson-SellersA Song Alone4EasyModern
BrüllBerceuse Op.51 No.14MediumRomantic
BrüllTheme and Variations Op.35 No.14MediumRomantic
GibsoneAn Episode4EasyRomantic
MoschelesPrelude No.94MediumRomantic
Arribas y ArribasCapricho4HardRomantic
DovicchiArabesque Op.524MediumModern
DybiczEtude 24HardModern
Kittl6 Idylles Op.1 No.14MediumRomantic
HaydnSonata HobXVI-36 Movements 1 and 34HardClassical
HolbrookeValse de Concert Op.794HardRomantic
KowalewskiPrelude and Fugue4HardBaroque
Nicodé10 Poems Op.22 No.24HardRomantic
KirnbergerAllegro in E
PachmanFugue No.104HardModern
PachmanPrelude No.104MediumModern
ReisMeu Sonho4MediumRomantic
BachPrelude and Fugue BWV8494HardBaroque
BachPrelude and Fugue BWV8734HardBaroque
JimenezPequeño Vals Op.94 No.34HardModern
SchulhoffAubade Op.424HardRomantic
SchulhoffWaltz Op.484MediumRomantic
WackenthalerTarentelle Op.634MediumRomantic
Wihtol3 Preludes Op.16 No.34HardRomantic
WoelflLe Diable à Quatre Sonata Op.504HardClassical
WoelflSonata Op.15 No.3 Movements 1 and 34MediumClassical
KontskiSans Espoir Op.554MediumRomantic
LacombeValse No.3 Op.584HardRomantic
DemarinToccata Loca No.54HardModern
FlorczakFugue No.44HardBaroque
FlorczakPiano Sonata No.8 Movements 1 and 34MediumClassical
FlorczakPrelude No.44MediumBaroque
Lorenz3 Walzer Op.8 No.24HardRomantic
MartinezSonata No.3 Movements 1 and 34MediumClassical
BalakirevMazurka No.24HardRomantic
ChartierGénuflexion No.14EasyModern
KarpowMazourka Op.54Very HardRomantic
Lopez-BenitezDivertimento Op.424MediumRomantic
LysenkoNocturne Op.194Very HardRomantic
MoszkowskiAllegro Scherzando Op.204HardRomantic
PogudinWaltz No.24MediumModern
RegerPerpetuum Mobile4HardRomantic
RondeauMuss I Denn4MediumModern
SeveroSonata Op.23 No.54Very HardModern
ShueyPrelude4Very HardRomantic
MendelssohnSonata Op.6 Movements 1 and 34Very HardRomantic
MichalowskiMazourka No.24MediumRomantic
MichalowskiMazourka Op.174MediumRomantic
MichalowskiMélodie Op.124MediumRomantic
MoorEsquisse Op.82 No.24Very HardRomantic
AbelardoNocturne No.14Very HardRomantic
MedtnerVariations Op.554Very HardEarly 20th Century
MyaskovskySonata No.5 Op.64 Movement 24Very HardEarly 20th Century
RutkowskiRomance Op.84HardRomantic
VilinskyPrelude for the Left Hand Op.34MediumRomantic
NeriniPiano Sonata Op.13 No.14HardEarly 20th Century
NolletÉlégie Op.884HardRomantic
ChabeauxMazurka Op.204MediumRomantic
Lange-MüllerMod Jul4MediumRomantic
GraenerDrei Impressionen No.24MediumEarly 20th Century
TchaikovskyPiano Sonata Op.80 Movements 1,3 and 44HardRomantic
VondracekNew Age Concert Etude No.24MediumModern
PiaggioPiano Sonata Movements 1,3 and 44HardEarly 20th Century
PlanteFantaisie pour Piano Op.1014Very HardModern
PonomareffRussian Romance4MediumModern
BreitenbachPiano_Sonata_Movements 1,2 and 34HardModern
GlièreScherzo Op.154HardRomantic
LaparraValse Lente4MediumEarly 20th Century
RodriguezSonata in E Major Movements 1 and 34HardEarly 20th Century
WagnerAlbumblatt für Ernst Benedikt Kietz WWV.644MediumRomantic
RavelMenuet4MediumEarly 20th Century
Aksakov4 Pieces No.1 and 44HardEarly 20th Century
BenekingNocturnes for One Hand Alone4MediumModern
ElmasMazurka No.54MediumRomantic
ElmasPolonaise No.24HardRomantic
FeinbergSonata No.94HardEarly 20th Century
HellerImpromptu Op.129 No.24HardRomantic
BerkahnSuite in E No.I,II and IV4MediumModern
JadassohnSerenade Np.2 Op.125 Movement 14MediumRomantic
JadassohnSerenade No.2 Op.125 Movement 74MediumRomantic
JadassohnSerenade No.2 Op.125 Movement 84MediumRomantic
Karg-Elert7 Charakteristische Stücke für Klavier Op.32 no.74HardEarly 20th Century
ZhangEtude No.104Very HardModern
ZhangGrand Fantasia "The Earth and the New Planet" Movement 34Very HardModern
ScarlattiSonata K2464MediumBaroque
ScarlattiSonata K2474MediumBaroque
Schubert5 Piano Pieces D459/459a No.I, II and V4HardRomantic
SimpsonInvention No.224MediumBaroque
CarrenoPlainte! Élégie Op.17 No.14MediumRomantic
TellefsenGrande Étude Op.254MediumRomantic
TellefsenPavane de la Reine Élisabeth Op.44
MorrisElegy No.24HardModern
Tena ManriqueNocturno Op.9 No.34MediumModern
TinelJoie Op.14 No.24Very HardRomantic
TinelPetites Fleurs Op.14 No.34HardRomantic
Carbajo4 French Waltzes4MediumRomantic
CarbajoStudy No.44HardRomantic
KosenkoNocturne Fantaisie Op.44Very HardRomantic
Puchtler Romanze Op.74hardRomantic
WeberAdagio Patetico4MediumRomantic
WotNocturne Op.2054HardRomantic
LerouxMorceau de Lecture à Première Vue4MediumRomantic
ScharwenkaPolonaise Op.124HardRomantic
YangMazurka in C-Sharp Minor4EasyRomantic
BarjanskySonate Op.11 No.2 Movements 1,3 and 45HardRomantic
DavidSouvenance Op.315EasyRomantic
De Castillon6 Valses Humoristiques No.55MediumRomantic
LongoSonata Op.36 Movement 15HardRomantic
LongoSonata Op.36 Movements 2 and 35HardRomantic
AlkanNocturne Op.225MediumRomantic
Bovy-LysbergBarcarolle Op.1305MediumRomantic
ChaminadeMenuet Op.55MediumRomantic
ChaminadeNocturne Op.1655HardRomantic
PiaggioPiano Sonata Movement 25MediumEarly 20th Century
ScarlattiSonata K2445EasyBaroque
ScarlattiSonata K2455EasyBaroque
ScarlattiSonata K2615EasyBaroque
ScarlattiSonata K2625EasyBaroque
NazarethCarioca5MediumEarly 20th Century
NazarethMagoas5MediumEarly 20th Century
ChopinNocturne Op.62 No.15HardRomantic
ChopinMazurka Op.33 No.15EasyRomantic
ChopinNocturne Op 32 No.15HardRomantic
ChopinNocturne Op.9 No.25HardRomantic
ChopinPrelude Op.28 No.115EasyRomantic
ChopinPrelude Op.28 No.125MediumRomantic
DulckenMinuetto Aerioso5MediumRomantic
HillerModerne Suite Op.144 No.I, II, IV and VI5MediumRomantic
SchubertSonata D157 Movement 35MediumRomantic
SchubertSonata Op.147 Movement 15MediumRomantic
SchubertSonata Op.147 Movement 45EasyRomantic
SoldáSonata movement 15MediumEarly 20th Century
SoldáSonata Movement 35MediumEarly 20th Century
OsborneLa Belle Nuit Op.755MediumRomantic
MartucciCapriccio Op.15 No.45HardRomantic
PiernéSérénade à Colombine5MediumRomantic
RoguskiLe Souvenir Op.75MediumRomantic
GottschalkHercule Op.885HardRomantic
CowellEpisode5HardEarly 20th Century
DéonnaElfes Op.135MediumRomantic
KowalskiDolor! Elegie Op.675MediumModern
LitolffImpromptu Op.1245MediumRomantic
LitolffScherzo Op.1155MediumRomantic
RoulletLe Moulin de la Jeunesse5MediumModern
StiefChosen Solitude5EasyModern
StiefLast Flight5EasyModern
Villa-LobosAs Tres Marias No.35HardEarly 20th Century
BenedictReverie Op.395Very HardRomantic
FieldRondo Écossais
FieldSonata Movements 1 and 25HardRomantic
PachmanFugue No.115MediumBaroque
PachmanFugue No.125MediumBaroque
PachmanPrelude No.115MediumBaroque
PachmanPrelude No.125MediumBaroque
PiaserTableau No.15HardModern
RheinbergerCharakterstücke in Canonischer Form Op.180 No.115MediumRomantic
BachPrelude and Fugue BWV8635HardBaroque
BachPrelude and Fugue BWV8685HardBaroque
BachPrelude and Fugue BWV8875HardBaroque
BachPrelude and Fugue BWV8925HardBaroque
SchulhoffLargo Funèbre Op.575HardRomantic
WielhorskiMazourka Op.315MediumRomantic
WieniawskiImpromptu Op.195MediumRomantic
WieniawskiSur l'Océan Op.285Very HardRomantic
ZarembskiMazurka de Concert Op.15 No.25HardRomantic
EigesVariations Op.365HardEarly 20th Century
DemarinToccata Loca 45MediumModern
LundbergBallade Op.475HardRomantic
BalakirevWaltz No.75HardRomantic
LevitzkiValse de Concert Op.1 No.15HardRomantic
LysenkoImpromptu in the Style of Chopin Op.385HardRomantic
ShueyExotic Waltz5EasyModern
MyaskovskySonata No.5 Op.64 Movement 15HardEarly 20th Century
Shcherbachyov5 Mazurkas Op.16 No.35MediumRomantic
CavalloPrès la Fontaine du Loup Op.615MediumRomantic
FahrbachKukuk-Polka Op.1245MediumRomantic
SauratHeure Triste5MediumRomantic
SchreiberImpromptu Op.135HardModern
ZhangEtude No.125HardModern
BowenReverie Op.865Very HardEarly 20th Century
AshtonSonata Op.168 No.5 Movements 1 and 46Very HardEarly 20th Century
Bourgault-DucoudrayL'Enterrement d'Ophélie6MediumRomantic
De Castillon6 Valses Humoristiques No.46MediumRomantic
TinyakovTwo Preludes Op.3 No.26HardRomantic
KarolicLittle Chinese6Very EasyModern
NägelDas Schloss an der Wupper6MediumModern
ScarlattiSonata K3186MediumBaroque
ScarlattiSonata K3196MediumBaroque
Hutcheson2 Pieces Op.11 No.26MediumEarly 20th Century
NazarethImproviso6MediumEarly 20th Century
NazarethParaiso6EasyEarly 20th Century
PavlovValse To the Memory of Scriabin6HardRomantic
SchwarzbachPensée Fugitive6HardRomantic
AyresThe Open Road Op.116Very HardEarly 20th Century
BendelNizza Op.136MediumRomantic
ChopinBarcarolle Op.606Very HardRomantic
ChopinImpromptu Op.36 No.26HardRomantic
ChopinNocturne Op.15 No.26HardRomantic
ChopinPrelude Op.28 No.136MediumRomantic
GernsheimAuf der Lagune Op.716MediumRomantic
GernsheimRomanze Op.156MediumRomantic
LisztImpromptu (Nocturne)6HardRomantic
LisztPiano Piece S1936HardRomantic
SoldáSonata Movement 26MediumEarly 20th Century
FévrierNocturne No.16HardRomantic
HerzogenbergPrelude and Fugue Op.49 No.16HardRomantic
BrüllSix Piano Pieces Op.38 No.46MediumRomantic
KrzyzanowskiKrakowiak Op.476HardRomantic
KrebsFugue WV4096MediumBaroque
KrebsPrelude WV4096MediumBaroque
PachmanFugue No.136HardModern
PachmanPrelude No.136MediumModern
BachPrelude and Fugue BWV8586MediumBaroque
BachPrelude and Fugue BWV8826HardBaroque
SaldiënStukje voor Piano Op.16EasyModern
WielhorskiMazurka Op.246MediumRomantic
BeethovenPiano Sonata Op.78 No.246MediumClassical
FlorczakNocturne No.56EasyModern
LevyHumoristica 2a Valsa Lenta Op.256HardEarly 20th Century
GottschalkPensée Poétique Op.626MediumRomantic
MiguezNocturno Op.106Very HardRomantic
PolovinkinMazurka6MediumEarly 20th Century
SolerSonata R906MediumClassical
KuczynskiEin Fantasiestuck6HardRomantic
ElmasMazurka No.16MediumRomantic
KontskiRêverie Fantastique Op.186HardRomantic
LyapunovVariations On a Russian Theme Op.496Very HardRomantic
PalmgrenGnistor Etude6HardEarly 20th Century
Costa NoguerasFileuse Morceau de Concert6HardRomantic
KryukovNocturne Op.5 No.16HardEarly 20th Century
KlasenCaprice Op.176HardEarly 20th Century
Bach (C.P.E.)La Xénophone 7EasyBaroque
SnuggsEtude No.37MediumModern
SchubertGerman Dance D1397EasyRomantic
Wu Sweet Divertimento No.17MediumModern
BachPrelude and Fugue BWV8487MediumBaroque
BachPrelude and Fugue BWV8727MediumBaroque
FlorczakFugue No.37MediumBaroque
FlorczakPrelude No.37EasyBaroque


Pieces with four or more flats

ComposerTitleNumber of FlatsSight-Reading DifficultyStyle
AshtonConcertstücke Op.137 No.37MediumRomantic
SimpsonInvention No.247MediumModern
SgambatiGavotte Op.147Very HardRomantic
DemarinToccata Loca No.27Very HardModern
DemarinToccata Loca No.77HardModern
Shcherbachyov5 Mazurkas Op.16 No.27MediumRomantic
SveinbjornssonImpromptu Nocturne7HardRomantic
MathieuBerceuse6MediumEarly 20th Century
StanchinskyCanon à 2 Voix6MediumEarly 20th Century
MayerlRailroad Rhythm6HardEarly 20th Century
ChaminadeValse Op.91 No.46HardEarly 20th Century
NazarethChave de Ouro6MediumEarly 20th Century
NazarethElegantissima6HardEarly 20th Century
NazarethGaucho6MediumEarly 20th Century
NazarethLabirinto6MediumEarly 20th Century
SoroDos Tonadas Chilenas No.16HardEarly 20th Century
BlanchardValse Fantastique Op.66Very HardEarly 20th Century
DobrowenImpromptu Op.146MediumEarly 20th Century
MassaAires Criollos6MediumEarly 20th Century
SkrzydlewskiMarche Funèbre6HardEarly 20th Century
TinelLandschap6MediumEarly 20th Century
TinelWiegelied6EasyEarly 20th Century
VerselPetite Boîte à Musique6Very HardEarly 20th Century
DelmasLe Cimetière de Fougax6MediumEarly 20th Century
GoldmarkGavotte6MediumEarly 20th Century
Le CoustumerFugue à Réponses Diatoniques6HardBaroque
PachmanFugue No.146MediumBaroque
PachmanPrelude No.146MediumBaroque
BachFugue BWV Anh. 1026HardBaroque
BachPrelude and Fugue BWV.8536HardBaroque
RolleSonata in E-flat minor6MediumBaroque
MarandoBagatelle Op.13 No.36EasyModern
PeresRapsódia Zeva'ah Op.86MediumModern
MelanderPiano Sonata No.5 Movements 1 and 46MediumModern
SimpsonInvention No.236MediumModern
BachlundOn a la Fiera di San Francè6MediumModern
RoulletCouleurs d'Automne Op.526MediumModern
StiefThe Bell6EasyModern
HollowayNocturne No.56EasyModern
SongPrelude in G-flat6MediumModern
ChartierGénuflexion No.36EasyModern
ChartierSome Kind of Peace6MediumModern
SeveroNight Horseman6EasyModern
SeveroSonata No.6 Op.286MediumModern
YanagidaPiano Suite Movement 16EasyModern
KangGorgeous Waltz Op.56MediumModern
KumarJumelle qui Joue6MediumModern
RolockPrelude in E-flat minor6MediumModern
MorrisFantasie Op.7 No.16MediumModern
Alario Del RioWalzer Op.28 No.86MediumModern
MatteiLa Lyre Op.326Very HardRomantic
LackMarche Funèbre Op.96MediumRomantic
TellefsenNocturne Op.39 No.46MediumRomantic
ZhangEtude No.14 in E-flat minor6HardRomantic
TaneyevScherzo in E-flat minor6HardRomantic
SchantzRhapsody Op.516MediumRomantic
LyapunovValse Impromptu Op.29 No.2 6MediumRomantic
LyapunovHumoreske Op.346HardRomantic
HellerTarantelle Op.61 No.26MediumRomantic
ElmasValse No.26EasyRomantic
ElmasNocturne No.56MediumRomantic
ElmasBarcarolle No.16MediumRomantic
BarmotineSonata for Piano Op.46Very HardRomantic
CarterMéditation Nocturne Religieuse Op.436HardRomantic
FuchsSonata Op.19 Movement 16HardRomantic
FranckWaldphantasien Op.38 Movement 16HardRomantic
De VilbacTristesse6MediumRomantic
De KovenPrelude in E-flat minor Op.165 No.56MediumRomantic
CastroValse Rêveuse Op.196MediumRomantic
TchaikovskyCapriccio Op.86HardRomantic
KreiderImpromptu Op.56MediumRomantic
ShcherbachyovImpromptu Villanelle Op.386HardRomantic
EspaderoTristesse Op.536MediumRomantic
LockeVariations in E-flat minor6HardRomantic
De RutkowskiSerenade Op.166MediumRomantic
MoszkowskiScherzo-Valse Op.406HardRomantic
MoszkowskiGrande Valse de Concert Op.886MediumRomantic
AnhelliAlla Minuetto Op.206HardRomantic
KarpowValse Op.6 No.36HardRomantic
BalakirevMazurka No.76MediumRomantic
BalakirevMazurka No.46MediumRomantic
BrassinNocturne Op.176MediumRomantic
WieniawskiSong without Words6MediumRomantic
NowakowskiBarcarolle Op.426EasyRomantic
KunkelZephyr and the Brook6HardRomantic
BrahmsScherzo Op.46MediumRomantic
BachmannFleur de Champs6MediumRomantic
GibsoneA Lullaby6HardRomantic
BrüllThema mit Variationen Op.396HardRomantic
McLeanAdieu Op.96MediumRomantic
OswaldValse Lente6MediumRomantic
OswaldIl Neige6MediumRomantic
RamentiValse Boston No.186EasyRomantic
RamentiSavoia Valse6EasyRomantic
RamentiLa Valse de Vénus6EasyRomantic
WollenhauptMarche Hongroise Op.666MediumRomantic
SgambatiPrelude and Fugue Op.66HardRomantic
SchumannTarentelle Op.116MediumRomantic
MooreClaribel Op.35 No.46MediumRomantic
MartucciTempo di Mazurka Op.116MediumRomantic
BachmannBarcarolle Op.176MediumRomantic
VillanuevaVals Poetico6MediumRomantic
SchubertWaltz in G-flat Major D.Anh 1/146EasyRomantic
SchubertImpromptu Op.90 No.36MediumRomantic
SchubertGerman Dance D.7226EasyRomantic
SantiagoNocturne in E-flat minor6HardRomantic
LisztMarche Hongroise S.233b6HardRomantic
LisztKlavierstück in E-flat minor S.692n6EasyRomantic
HermannRêverie Russe6HardRomantic
ChopinWaltzes Op.70 No.16MediumRomantic
ChopinImpromptu No.36HardRomantic
ChopinContredanse B.176MediumRomantic
BoscovitzLe Lac Enchantée Op.1956MediumRomantic
BlumenfeldÉpisodes dans la Vie d'une Danseuse Op.526HardRomantic
BehrPerce-Neige Op.906MediumRomantic
HargreavesLa Rubia6MediumRomantic
De BeaufranchetSperanza Suite de Valses No.16EasyRomantic
TinelLe Soir Op.2 No.26MediumRomantic
RedonBerceuse Créole Op.226HardRomantic
BlanchetToscin Passacaglia Op.286HardRomantic
PrudentAdieu Printemps6MediumRomantic


How to search for pieces

You can either use the search box to find a particular composer, a type of piece (for example, nocturne, prelude, fugue, etc.) or a style. Alternatively, you can click at the top of each category to see the items of that category listed in alphabetical order.


Levels of difficulty

There are five levels of sight-reading difficulty:

Very Easy – Easy – Medium – Hard – Very Hard


Note that the level of sight-reading difficulty may differ to that of the playing difficulty. In other words, what might be hard to play accurately at tempo, say a Presto movement with five sharps, might not be as hard to sight-read at a much slower tempo.


Thus in determining the sight-reading difficulty of a piece, I looked at how hard it was to process the information on the page, as opposed to looking at how hard it was to play the notes up to speed.


Tip: to get the most out of the pieces you sight-read, I recommend that you sight-read fast pieces at a slow tempo. Don’t attempt to play them at tempo (unless you think you can pull it off!).


Why this page?

Finding sight-readable pieces with one to three sharps or flats is easy but for some reason, there tends to be a shortage of sight-readable pieces with more than three sharps or flats so I wanted to fill the gap and find pieces in those keys.


IMSLP, from which I’ve taken the pieces, is a great resource for finding free sheet music but the downside is that the search function is quite limited. As I’ve mentioned in How to Sight-Read in Any Key: Part II, if you want to find piano pieces in a particular key, you can do so by searching for “piano + [key]” but the results will only give you pieces that contain these keywords in the title! This means that you miss out on hundreds of pieces! And the other sheet music website I mentioned,, enables you to search pieces by key signatures however the number of pieces is very limited, especially with key signatures containing 4 or more sharps or flats.


Hence why I wanted to create this page and list all those other pieces out there you would otherwise miss out on.

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    Ms. Emmanuelle Fonsny: Thanks so much for your effort on this page! This page deserves to be pinned to the front page or a more visible position.

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