New Sight-Reading Membership Site Coming Soon!

A new sight-reading membership site is coming soon! Join the waitlist to find out more and to get notified when the membership opens!


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I’ve been working on something for the past few months… Hence why it’s been a little quieter on the blog.


Now is finally the time to reveal what I’ve been up to!


I’ve been debating lots of options in the past few weeks and have come to the conclusion that a membership site would be the best option in helping you improve your sight-reading skills over time. I had originally planned to launch a 6-week online course until I realised that people need way longer than six weeks to improve their sight-reading so I went back to the drawing board.


I’ve eventually set my heart on a membership site as I think it would be a perfect blend between a community and a course with many other perks, all in the same place. (Hint: It won’t be in a Facebook group)


This is what I have in mind…


Imagine a private hub where piano players from around the world could:

– get together (both virtually AND in person!)

– exchange ideas on how to overcome difficulties

– share their progress and keep each other accountable

– share music scores to sight-read and useful resources on sight-reading

– ask for feedback

– get access to sight-reading exercises, drills and worksheets

– participate in challenges to stay motivated


It would also be a place where you would have access to me and your peers for any questions that come up. There would be regular live Q&A sessions. I’m also thinking of creating courses, workshops, guest interviews and maybe even masterclasses. Those are some of my wild ideas but of course, I’ll be listening to YOU for what you would like to see in the membership.


UPDATE: I have invited 15 people to be founding members and I am now working closely with them to improve the membership before I reopen the doors to the wide public! 


So, if this sounds like something you would be interested in, sign up for my waitlist by filling in the form below.


You’ll get periodic updates and sneak peeks and you’ll be the first to know when the membership reopens!



Sign up!

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