Tired of spending HOURS figuring out the notes at the piano?

Wish You Could... Play from Sheet Music On the FIRST Try?

Then learn how to sight-read with tailored exercises, drills, sight-reading excerpts and challenges with a step-by-step approach! 

Imagine if you could...

… grab a piece of music - any piece of music - and sit down and play it! 

Imagine if you could play music with friends on the spot!

Imagine if you didn’t have to spend hours figuring out the notes!

Imagine how many more pieces you could learn!

Does this sound like you?

  • You want to learn sight-reading, but you have NO IDEA where to begin. 
  • You feel embarrassed for not knowing how to sight-read despite YEARS of playing.
  • You're tired of spending HOURS working out the notes.
  • You don't know which music to use or where to find it.  
  • You don't see ANY progress despite practising for hours every day.

I get it! In the 15 years I've taught piano, I've seen these same struggles over and over again.

That's because sight-reading IS hard. Especially at the piano. It's overwhelming, and it takes so much time.

As piano players, we have to: 

  • Read not one but TWO lines of music  
  • Read TWO different clefs at the same time 
  • Put the hands together, somehow...
  • Read a HUGE number of notes all at once 


The list goes on! 


You’re probably frustrated and wondering: "Will it ever get easier!?"

The reason you're struggling isn't that you don't have what it takes.

You're struggling because you're trying to piece together free online tutorials and bits of information from forums and blogs.

And you're trying to do it all yourself.


It's time to take a new and customised step-by-step approach.



The Sight-Reading Club!

The Sight-Reading Club gives you a growing library of step-by-step training and resources so you can play pieces you love from sheet music!

Get started now!

The Sight-Reading Club will help you with:

  • Single notes 
  • Steps and skips 
  • Five-finger position and beyond 
  • Intervals 
  • Hands together 
  • Triads 
  • Leaps 
  • Four-note chords 

And more! 

When you join, you'll get access to:


You'll get instant access to all past live Q&A calls. You can also submit your questions and receive a verbal answer within days or post your questions directly into the Club.


You'll get instant access to all past and future interviews and workshops with guest speakers from the piano industry.


To deepen your musical knowledge of the different musical periods and types of pieces, you'll get to learn some history and fun facts alongside recordings. You'll have 10 different music themes to explore including Baroque Music, the Romantic Era, the Classical Era and pieces like Minuets, Waltzes and more.


You'll get to take part in any of our 10 challenges at your own pace to improve a certain area of sight-reading, such as not looking down, reading ahead, playing hands together, and more.


You'll get access to a growing library of drills, exercises and sight-reading excerpts so you never have to waste time looking for music yourself. You can just log in and resume from where you left off.

And you know what the best part is? You can always request MORE excerpts.

Just fill in a form with the key signatures and the time signatures you want, and voilà! The excerpts you requested will appear within a few days inside the Club! Like ordering a pizza with your favourite toppings! Cool, right?


Finding the right resources for sight-reading can be tough. That's why I’ve created a Roadmap. A path for you to follow.

It'll help you sight-read individual notes, intervals, triads, and so on all the way up to 4-note chords. It's like a sight-reading book, but better because it will keep evolving over time!

And, unlike a sight-reading book, all of the sight-reading excerpts come with AUDIO - which means you'll know if you hit a wrong note or play the wrong rhythm.

In each stage of the Roadmap, you’ll find: 

  • Music theory so you understand the concepts 
  • Sight-reading tips so you know what to look out for when sight-reading 
  • Recommended resources so you know which books and apps are worth using
  • Exercises and drills so you can recognise and play what you read 
  • Sight-reading excerpts with audio so you can play along at any tempo
  • Sight-reading tests so you know when to move to the next stage

Wanna take a peak?

Take the tour inside the Club!

Here's why our members love

the Sight-Reading Club:

Here's what Juanita had to say after only TWO months in the Sight-Reading Club:

So, how much is it?

Normally, you can expect to pay anywhere from US$40 to $60 per hour for private piano lessons. This means paying around $200 every month for weekly lessons! Add to that the cost of sheet music and method books, and you can easily spend an extra $30-50 a month!

But there's no guarantee you'll get the results you want despite paying this much.

Why? Two reasons.

One: Your piano teacher probably won't teach sight-reading (very few teachers do, if any).

Two: No matter how hard you try, you won't find a method book that has specific sight-reading exercises, sight-reading excerpts with audio, warm-up exercises, drills, music theory, sight-reading tips, sight-reading challenges, etc. (I think you get the point.)

The good news is that by joining the Sight-Reading Club, you don't need to invest $200+ or even half that. You don't even need to invest $50 a month! You can join today for just $19 a month!

But wait - there's more!

When you join today, you also get these 4 BONUSES:


Online Virtual Concerts

Every few months, you'll get to play in front of your peers without feeling like it's an exam or a formal recital. Play in your pyjamas if you want. We don't mind ;) You'll have something to work towards which will give you a reason to practise!


A Private Community

You'll be part of a safe and friendly community of piano players worldwide. You can cheer each other on and stay motivated. No need to feel lonely or discouraged anymore.


Personal Feedback (NEW!)

You can now ask for personal feedback, either in video format or on a private Zoom call with me! This means you'll get professional advice on how to improve YOUR sight-reading and what to work on next.


Helpful Tools to Track Your Progress

You'll get a Sight-Reading Log to keep track of the pieces you've sight-read and a Sight-Reading Progress Tracker so you can see how much progress you've made over time. It'll give you a big boost in motivation!

Want to fast-track your piano progress, but you're not sure yet? No worries.


If you're not completely satisfied with the Sight-Reading Club and you genuinely don't believe that it can help you improve your sight-reading and overall playing, then email us within the first 30 days of your purchase and you'll get your full money back.

Let's recap!

Here's what you get when you join the Sight-Reading Club today:


Your monthly membership includes:

  • Q&A Call Replays
  • Guest Interviews & Workshops
  • Identification Drills
  • Warm-up Exercises
  • Sight-Reading Excerpts
  • 10 Challenges
  • 10 Music Themes
  • Bonus: Online Virtual Concerts
  • Bonus: A Private Community
  • Bonus: Personal Feedback
  • Bonus: A Sight-Reading Progress Tracker & a Sight-Reading Log
  • 2 Months Free

$19 per month

All prices in US dollars. Cancel anytime. Hassle-free 30-day money-back guarantee.

Join Now

Annual *Best Value*

Your annual membership includes:

  • Q&A Call Replays
  • Guest Interviews & Workshops
  • Identification Drills
  • Warm-up Exercises
  • Sight-Reading Excerpts
  • 10 Challenges
  • 10 Music Themes
  • Bonus: Online Virtual Concerts
  • Bonus: A Private Community
  • Bonus: Personal Feedback
  • Bonus: A Sight-Reading Progress Tracker & a Sight-Reading Log
  • 2 Months Free

$190 per year

All prices in US dollars. Cancel anytime. Hassle-free 30-day money-back guarantee.

Now it's time to make a choice

You could keep doing it all yourself... and feel frustrated and discouraged when you aren't making progress. You might even give up!

OR, you can join us inside the Sight-Reading Club and learn to become the piano player you've always wanted to become - one who can just sit down and play!

Still not sure?

Here are answers to some of the questions you may have... 

What happens after I join?

Once you join, you'll get instant access to all the content inside the Sight-Reading Club, including all the content of the Roadmap, past live Q&A calls and past guest interviews. You won't have to wait to unlock the content. It’s all there for you.   

Can I download the material and consume it offline?

Yes, you can but not all of it. You can print out the drills, exercises and sight-reading excerpts and use them offline, except for the videos.

Can I cancel anytime?

Of course. I don’t want you to be locked in a contract. You can easily cancel at any time with a few mouse clicks, and you'll continue to have access to the resources and the community until the end of your billing period.  

What if I can’t make it live?

No worries. You'll get access to the replays of all the live sessions. 

I already have some sight-reading skills. Is the Sight-Reading Club for me?

Certainly. While most of the members are at the start of their journey, the Club includes a Roadmap that is designed to help you at any stage of your journey, from beginner to advanced levels. 


And don't forget that as a Club member, you get to take part in concerts and challenges which are designed to boost your skills.

I'm busy. Will I have time to go through all the content?

The content inside the Sight-Reading Club is self-paced, so take as much time as you need to go through the content.

Just spend 5 to 10 minutes a day doing the drills, exercises, and sight-reading excerpts and you'll start seeing progress. I promise you.

Do I need to join a Facebook group to be part of the community?

No, the community is not on Facebook. It's hosted on the same platform as the site, on Mighty Networks. The community feed looks a bit like Facebook - you can write comments, share images and videos, and chat - but without distractions or annoying ads.  

I just started learning the piano. Is the Sight-Reading Club for me?

If you know some of the basics of how to read music and how to play a few basic pieces, then yes, the Club is for you.

But if you have zero knowledge of music and don’t know your way around the piano, I suggest you come back to the Club in a few months when you’ve had some lessons and you've started learning to read music.  

I don't know how to use tech. Will I be able to use the Sight-Reading Club?

Of course. The platform is easy to use and intuitive. And to make sure you know your way around, you'll get access to a walk-through video showing you where everything is and how to use the platform. And if you’re still stuck on how to use the website, you can book a private 1:1 call with me.   

Can't I just improve my sight-reading by reading lots of music?

Yes, you could... but the problem is that there is SO much piano music out there! What music should you use, and in what order? And if you're like most people, you might make the mistake of using music that is too difficult for you to sight-read. This just leads to frustration. The last thing you want is to get frustrated and give up!   

By following the Roadmap inside the Sight-Reading Club, you'll know exactly what to focus on and in what order.   

Still have questions?

Email me at support@sightreadingclub.com to get all your remaining questions answered.

Hi, I'm Manu!

I know how frustrating it can be to have music in front of you and not be able to play it. Over the past 15 years, I've seen the struggles my students go through, and I've helped them overcome these difficulties so they can learn new pieces without my help.

I love sight-reading! The wonderful state you get into when sight-reading is a state I wish all of you to experience. This is why I've created the Sight-Reading Club: to help you improve your sight-reading so you can play whatever music is in front of you and experience this amazing state for yourself!

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